In a lecture hall, on the one hand, it is important that there is not too much reverberation. But the most important thing in education is that the teacher’s speech can be clearly understood. This is what you call speech intelligibility. The audience must be able to hear everything clearly, no matter where they sit.

This was also the case in the auditorium of the University of Antwerp. By using the perforated panels, speech intelligibility was greatly increased.

Project: Auditorium University of Antwerp
Execution: JJ-Rebuilders
Product: Type 16-16-8 – HPL ABET FEI DUE 1611


The material used on the walls is perforated panels. Click here for the product page.

Perforated panels are very suitable for combining high acoustic values ​​with design. The variation in design, thickness, finish and absorption value ensures wide applicability.

Perforated panels often fit very nicely in a sleek design. In addition, these panels provide a very good acoustic result and these panels are also a wise choice in terms of safety.