Matude-Bruynzeel is a company that develops, advises and researches acoustic materials with the aim of optimizing the acoustic quality of life in interiors.

From concert hall to restaurant.

We are constantly confronted with sound. In rooms, the experience of sound strongly depends on the design of the room and the associated materialization. The acoustics can be experienced as very pleasant if this is in order, for example in a concert hall, but can also lead to irritation if this is not the case, as is the case in a restaurant, for example.

The power of adapted acoustics

This is the playing field of Matude-Bruynzeel. Matude-Bruynzeel focuses on the quality of the acoustics in a room. Acoustics are a calculable part of the room and contribute to the comfort of the room. As far as we are concerned, acoustics are always individual and specific to your space.

Maatwerk akoestisch advies en producten voor optimaal comfort

Our strength and passion is tailor-made advice on room acoustics and the products to be used. With the aim of making your space as acoustically comfortable as possible. And if desired, we can supplement our expertise with the data of a measurement on location.

Meet us

Matude-Bruynzeel works together with a number of leading manufacturers and can therefore advise and supply a wide range of sound-absorbing sheet materials. Our focus is on the combination of design with the right sound-absorbing value.

If you would like to know more about this, please contact us. We would like to meet you!