We supplied Antisone panels to a law firm in Diemen to achieve high sound absorption on the walls. This ensures the acoustic comfort of this new office. The architect really wanted to use the Bruynzeel Antisone Studio panels here, supplemented with acoustic advice.

These panels have a chestnut veneer on the visible side and this veneer is finished with a clear lacquer. In addition, we also supplied the edge moldings with the same chestnut. This creates a cohesive whole with a luxurious appearance as a result.

Architect: Michael Durgaram Architects
Realisation: DCV Bouw B.V.
Photography: Joost Rietdijk

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There are 4mm wide grooves on both the front and the back of these panels. The grooves on the front provide contact with the round channels in the interior of the panels. The grooves on the back make the material air-open and ensure contact with the insulation material behind it. These double grooves achieve a higher sound absorption compared to the Bruynzeel Antisone Standard.

Depending on the desired acoustic result, Bruynzeel Antisone panels can also be chosen. This material is grooved only on the front side.

Bruynzeel Antisone (Studio) panels are available in different types woodveneer and can be supplied lacquered and unlacquered . So, choose an appearance that best fits with the interior of the room.

Applied product on the photos: Bruynzeel Antisone Studio 23/4 fitted with chestnut veneer finished with a clear lacquer.