At Matude-Bruynzeel we specialize in acoustic advice and the supply of sound-absorbing materials. We are committed to creating comfortable acoustic environments where design and functionality come together.

We supply acoustic wall panels for interiors. Our products include the Perfosound® and Antisone® wall and ceiling panels in various types of wood and dimensions.

Our panels are easy to install and can be mounted on any background. We also offer Perfosound panels that are suitable for both walls and ceilings, with drill holes for sound absorption.

Matude-Bruynzeel is an experienced partner for creating an acoustically comfortable environment. Our portfolio contains various projects in sectors such as offices, schools, museums and catering establishments. Each project is unique and requires a specific approach, in which we strive for the ideal balance between acoustic comfort and aesthetic design.

Our projects include the renovation of entrance halls, the realization of comfortable office buildings and the creation of reverberation-free committee rooms. In collaboration with renowned architectural firms and professionals from the furniture and interior industry, we have been able to supply high-quality and sustainable interior products. We are proud of our eye for detail and high quality that is clearly reflected in all our projects.

Natural and sustainable materials for stylish and functional interior projects

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